Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daddy on the Edge of the Rich & Famous

"Congress needs to enact a new law... Until all our soldiers come home, until every American is earning a living wage, until there is a cure for AIDS, until no one in this country is victimized because of their sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation, and until we have saved the planet...There can be no more news stories about Lindsay Lohan."

I didn't write that; a friend posted it on Facebook, but I love the sentiment. Why do people care so much about the plight of Lindsay and those like her? Is it because it's so sad that such a tragic fate should befall someone so beautiful? Well, there's 14% unemployment in parts of America, folks losing their houses left and right, people going to bed hungry in the greatest nation in the land - and I'll bet a whole bunch of them are pretty, too.

If we focused half as much attention on holding our elected officials accountable for the state of the nation and working to improve it as we do worrying about Lindsay, Paris, the Kardashian kids and all of those ridiculously spoiled Real Housewives of Where-eva, we'd be out of this national mess we've gotten ourselves into and be back on top as the Number One Nation in all that we attempt.

Today, I'm going to turn off the tv for a little while and go do something to better my community. Hopefully, Lindsay will follow my lead.

Here's the next track on the Daddy on the Edge Revolution Soundtrack. Turn it up.

Wishing Lindsay All the Best,



  1. If you won't give 'em bread, you'd better give 'em circuses.

  2. That seemed to do the trick.

  3. But I realllly like bread! And clowns scare me...