Monday, April 5, 2010

Daddy on the Edge of the Itawamba County School District or "Whose Prom Would Jesus Attend?"

Daddy wants to kick some redneck, 1950's, Footloose ass.

I was going to link to the original story, but Daddy is just too frigging frustrated with humanity to do that right now, so here's the nutshell; stupid backwards people in Mississippi got scared when a lesbian high school senior decided she wanted to be a lesbian in public (GASP!) and take her lesbian girlfriend to her High School Prom. I KNOW, RIGHT? OH MY GOD!!!! So, instead of dealing with the issue like...hmmmm...ADULTS, the school first told her she couldn't come with a female date, then decided to cancel the prom altogether.

So lesbian girl, having learned that in the 21st century, even lesbians have rights, got in touch with the ACLU, who sued the school and said that you can't "not invite her" to the prom and you can't cancel your prom because a lesbian might get cooties on it.

So, THE PARENTS, the well meaning, caring considerate parents of the Itawamba County School District decided to host a prom that the lesbian girl and her date could attend.

Here's that story;

McMillen: I Was Sent to Fake Prom

To avoidConstance McMillen bringing a female date to her prom, the teen was sent to a "fake prom" while the restof her class partied at a secret location at an event organized by parents.McMillen tellsThe Advocate that a parent-organized prom happened behind her back — she and her date were sent to a Friday night event at a country club in Fulton, Miss., that attracted only five other students. Her school principal and teachers served as chaperones, but clearly there wasn't much to keep an eye on.

"They had two proms and I was only invited to one of them," McMillen says. "The one that I went to had seven people there, and everyone went to the other one I wasn’t invited to."

Last week McMillen asked one of the students organizing the prom for details about the event, and was directed to the country club. "It hurts my feelings," McMillen says.

Two students with learning difficulties were among the seven people at the country club event, McMillen recalls. "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom]."

In March, after the Itawamba County School District refused to allow McMillen to bring a female date to the prom, the district canceled the event altogether. McMillen and her lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union challenged that decision in court, and a judge ruled the district could not bar McMillen and her date.

The judge declined to force the school district to hold the prom because a parent-sponsored, private prom was being organized — and the understanding was that McMillen and her date were invited to that event. But Hampton says McMillen was never invited and organizers made it very difficult for her to find information on the time and location. That prom was later mysteriously canceled, with the Friday night event at the country club officially replacing it.


You people fucking amaze me. No, really; I stand here FUCKING AMAZED at the lengths that some people will go to to be total lowlife losers. Let's put aside the whole lesbian thing for a minute - has anyone ever thought you were "different" and given you shit for it? About anything? Did it bother you? At all? If it did, how do you then have the god damned audacity to ostracize these kids and do the same thing to them? Think, McFly! Honestly, when I think of people like you, oh lovely, ever tolerant citizens of the Itawamba County School District, it just gives me the cold sweats to realize that some of you may attain higher office, or teach future generations, or breed.

But breed you will, and teach you will - so here's a little teaching for ya right now, k?

Sometimes boys and girls are attracted to each other.

And sometimes they're not.

Notice, I did not use the word "like" here, because that's one of those words that gets us into trouble. The word "like" (as in sometimes girls like other girls) leads people to believe that being gay or lesbian (or straight for that matter) is a choice, or a preference - something that can be decided on, like what kind of pudding you enjoy or what kind of hairstyle you wouldn't be caught dead in or, in the case of the residents of Itawamba County, which of your cousin's you want your kids to call "Daddy".

Surprise, backwoods morons! It's not a choice! It's not a preference! Gays and Lesbians are attracted to the same gender (and straights attracted to opposite genders) in the way the magnet on your compass is attracted to true north (as opposed to your moral compass, which lost it's sense of direction ages ago - I'm pretty sure it's pointed at Glenn Beck's rectum at the moment). A magnet doesn't choose to be attracted to it's complimentary magnetic force - it's just one of those nature thangs, git it? Which means (double gasp!) that that's the way GOD made it.

God made Lesbians. God made Gay Men. God made Transsexuals and Transgendered individuals, and GenderQueer people, and Intersex folks. God made 1,500 animal species that practice homosexuality (guess what - they didn't choose either!). God made creatures that can change sex, God made beings that can impregnate themselves. God made a miraculous diversity of wondrous life, because a God of infinite power doesn't need to limit himself to one from "Column A" and one from "Column B". No; it was Man, in his sheer frigging brilliance, that wrote of a God of limitations. Because we always seem to think we are soooo frigging smart. Well, someone once said of human intelligence;

If the Human Mind were simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.

People of Itawamba County, you are deciding (CHOOSING!) that you know the mind of God, and that he in his infinite wisdom has made you as wise as he on these matters. In doing so, you prove the argument that indeed, you are too simple to understand not only the mind of God; not only the mind of humanity, but indeed, too damned simple to understand the thought processes of a PEZ dispenser.

One of the straight chicks who went to the "real prom" posted pics of that prom on her FaceBook page. Also on her FB page was the quote, "I LOVE Jesus!". Hey, I'm down with that; I love Jesus too. Back when Daddy was in high school, and people hated on him for who they thought he was at the time, Daddy would remember;

Jesus hung out with Prostitutes.

Jesus hung with Tax Collectors.

Jesus hung with the Homeless.

Jesus hung with Lepers.

Jesus would've hung with me.

Jesus would hang with Constance McMillen.

Jesus said Love one another. He didn't say just love these people. He said Love EVERYONE. Treat EVERYONE as you would be treated.

Even the Lepers.

Even the Lesbians.

Even the people of the Itawamba County School District.


Hey...sorry about that PEZ Dispenser was probably a little over the top.

I'm can you ease up on the Lesbian chick a little?