Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daddy on the Edge of promoting the Gay Agenda

I wish that someone would market day planners for homosexuals and call them "The Gay Agenda". Wouldn't that just be fabulous? Pink for the boys, flannel for the girls...

Sorry; Daddy was channeling his inner Hedda Lettuce (and for my International readers and people from Iowa and other parts Middle West that have no idea who I'm talking about, here is her Wiki Entry - just click the green haired lady - )

AND before y'all get puritan on me, let me just say what we all should admit to ourselves - Everyone has an inner drag queen. Want proof? Here's proof;

This is Republican former NYC Mayor, one time Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. He actually let his inner drag queen out. (I never said it would be pretty - I only said that everyone has one - even this guy.
) At some point today, take a good look at your significant other and picture them in drag. If nothing else, the laugh will do you good. ;)

But I digress. The Gay Agenda (which, if anyone now does actually make it into a day planner, I want royalties, bitches.). "The Gay Agenda" is one of those ridiculous made up "Republican Fear Phrases". Y'know, like Terror Alert, Anchor Babies, ObamaCare, Possible Third Term for George Bush (I'll admit it - that one scared the CRAP out of Daddy). These terms are designed to make something that, upon rational investigation shouldn't be scary at all, into something terrifying that will usually "tear the fabric" of our otherwise totally perfect universe. Like, there was no war, no
poverty, no hunger, no unemployment, no disease, no global warming, no was a friggin' Logan's Run paradise around here until the damn Gays came along and wanted to get married?!? Like gay marriage will somehow get cooties all over your regular marriage?

Grow Up.

Because seriously, you are pulling the "cooties" argument - that, if people who you don't like have the same thing you have, that it somehow cheapens that thing...makes it not worth having, 'cause they got their cooties all over it...WAAHHHHHH! That's just sad. And when you listen to the standard Republican arguments, it gets even sadder. They seem to love the "separate but unequal" argument - like Straight White America lets you live in this country.

We let you live here, and work here; we let you pay taxes and vote - we alm
ost let you us. And the only time we'll vilify, assault or kill you is if you are too public in your displays of affection, or we feel sexually threatened by your presence, or we want to feel superior to someone, or you want more rights than we feel like giving you, which would be the same rights that we have. Silly Gay person - don't you wish you had chosen to be straight?

Well, Daddy's here to tell you that gays and lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, genderqueers and intersexed folks have been a part of this country since before it was this country. They have served with us, they have governed us, they have cared for us, they have clothed us, they have protected us, they have lived among us and died beside us - they ARE US. They can no more tear the fabric of this country than we can, because they ARE the fabric of this country, just as we are. And if you don't like that, or can't see that, or are just having way to much fun with your little Hate Party to listen to rational discussion, then I have only this to say to you.

Fuck You.

I say that, not to shock or offend, but to prepare you for this video that Daddy has been asked to share. Here's the Daddy on the Edge warning -

If the word Fuck bothers you, then you probably shouldn't watch this Fucking video. There's a Fucking cleaned up version of it, but that, to Daddy, is like low fat Fucking cheesecake - what's the Fucking point? You want to say Fuck in your video? Say Fuck in your video. So here's the Fucking video. I hope you Fucking enjoy it as much as I Fucking did.

Oh, and Fucking Donate too, ok?

Fuck Hate,


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