Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daddy on the Edge of F*cking Feminism

As a Daddy of two daughters, I've got a thing or two to say about gender inequality - 

Thing One - The only workplace where having a penis should factor into salary negotiations is in a male whorehouse.

Thing Two - See Thing One.

Seriously, there's a ton more that I could say on the subject, and one day I will - but there's a video going around that states it so perfectly that I'm just gonna let it speak for itself.

I do have to prepare you though - this video was produced by  Daddy featured a video of theirs in a previous blog post, "Daddy on the Edge of Promoting the Gay Agenda" and I offered the same warning as I do now;

Here's the Daddy on the Edge warning -

If the word Fuck bothers you, then you probably shouldn't watch this Fucking video. There's a Fucking cleaned up version of it, but that, to Daddy, is like low fat Fucking cheesecake - what's the Fucking point? You want to say Fuck in your video? Say Fuck in your video. So here's the Fucking video. I hope you Fucking enjoy it as much as I Fucking did.


Fuck yeah, 


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