Monday, July 12, 2010

Daddy on the Edge of Reality

I get it now.

It's all about perception we view reality.

The average American believes that there is always the chance that he will one day be like this guy and his family;

The unfortunate truth is that the average American is only a handful of paychecks away from being like
this guy and his family;

Yet, the average American will listen to politicians blather on about how tax credits for the rich are good, while welfare and unemployment are bad, and the average American will believe that he will never be on welfare, but is just
soooo close to getting into that wealthy tax credit bracket. The average American never considers that Medicaid may one day be more of a concern to his direct well being than will the Estate Tax.

The average American may be in for a rude awakening.

I hope I'm wrong - I hope we wake up one day and find that we're all just super duper rich, but deep down most folks know the odds are against that, and the wealthiest among us keep making the odds steeper and steeper every day. So maybe we should stand up in support of extending unemployment. Maybe we should speak out loudly against extending tax cuts for the wealthy. We might save someone's ass that was just going through a rough patch...just needed a little more time to get on their feet.

And who knows, the ass we save may be our own.

Track 3 on the Daddy Revolution Soundtrack. Embedding was disabled on the official video, so I ended up with the karaoke version. Still worth the listen.

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