Friday, July 9, 2010

Daddy on the Edge of "Dad Blogs"

Why am I here?

What is Daddy on the Edge about, really? Solar Power? Lesbians and their Proms? Conservative Fear and Republican Loathing in Las Vegas?

I've talked about all of these subjects in my brief tenure here, as well as many other eclectic areas of study.

Blogs are amazing things - they're a hat, they're a brooch, they're a pterodactyl. They're a floor polish and a dessert topping. What I mean is, a blog is a different vehicle of expression for everyone who climbs into it. For many, it's introspective musings. For some, it's amusing re-tellings of everyday life. For me, I guess it's mostly been soap box. I yell here. I get to curse here. Dads need that - a place where they can let a good f-bomb fly. It's a virtual man cave for me, and I love the fact that people are interested enough to come in and see what I've scrawled on my man cave walls.

I've been wondering, though. The name on the door says "Daddy" on the Edge, yet I haven't been following suit with all the other "Daddy bloggers" out there, and there are a buttload of them! Holy Crap, I honestly had no idea how many Dads where in the blogosseum, but let me tell you - the place is crawling with them. So, do they really need me - one more Dad - to offer my telling, touching, poignant, laugh riot slices of my everyday, modern day, Dad-o-liscious life as Father to my two girls?

In a word - Nah.

They've got that covered. And they do a fantastic job. Like David Mott, from "Dad's House" talking about his daughters first screaming orgasm , Laid Off Dad and his rallying cry about the need for Dad blogs and Jim at telling of a chance encounter with Avril LaVigne and her...balls.

This is just a sampling of the plethora of Dads with something to say in the Blogateria. Every now and then, when I find one that tickles my brain, I'll post his link on the right. In the meantime, I might post about my kids. I might not. I might post about other parts of my body besides my heart (my pancreas is getting mighty jealous, let me tell you - and it seems I may have come down with "a lady problem"). I might post about the need to have solar panels installed on John McCain's head (a) to provide him shade and protect against future bouts of skin cancer and (b) to help power the lights in the auditorium where Lynn Cheney can finally attend the lesbian prom that she never had - anything is possible on the roulette wheel of crap in Daddy's head.

So place your bets. :)

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