Friday, April 29, 2011

Daddy on the Edge of Haywire - The Sixth Sense

No, we don't see dead people...or do we?

Today's installment of Haywire is Episode 6, "Grace Under Pressure", and it is one freaky episode. Here we see more paths crossing, more story lines colliding and more weird shit unfolding.

But people seem to enjoy weird shit - I found out today that Haywire got over 10,000 views yesterday on Koldcast TV! That is frigging huge and it is at least partly due to you, Daddy's amazing family of readers. Thank you for your support - I hope it's ongoing and I hope you tell everyone you've ever met about the show (and you could tell them about Daddy on the Edge as well - I mean, it wouldn't kill ya to do that too, right? You were already talking to them about Haywire - it's not like I asked you to call them back or anything) AND....

I hope you're going to watch tomorrow night, at the stroke of midnight (okay, you can watch it anytime after that as well, but it sounds cooler to say "at the stroke of midnight"), when Haywire, Episode 7 - The Usual Suspects premiers featuring Daddy hisself (and a whole bunch of wicked-talented people). And since you've been such wonderful readers this week, I feel I can share with you a secret about this episode - something that everyone else will have to wait until tomorrow midnight to find out, but I'm gonna tell you now...

I play an asshole. A big, pompous asshole.

I know; it's a total stretch, right? So, you've got that to look forward to. But in the meantime, check out all the freakiness of Haywire, Episode 6 - Grace Under Pressure...

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