Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daddy on the Edge of Oprah

I'm linking to Oprah. Dear Lord, what kind of girly man have I become? Do I have to buy metrosexual skin buffing agents now?

I'm not gonna do that, but I am indeed linking to an article that I read this morning on How I got there I do not know; sometimes Daddy goes on internet spirit walks, drifting from link to link 'til he finds some truth (or pictures of Republicans in compromising positions - that's always fun).

So, here's some truth I found today; a slice of life that resonated. This article touches on a subject that I want to delve into at a later date, but whereas I would approach the topic using the patented Daddy recipe of a few facts, a smidge of humor and a generous helping of self aggrandizement and sarcasm, Allison Cooper, the author of this story brings her message home in a more personal way than I could ever muster. She's a beautiful, beautiful writer.

Read on, MacDuff.

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